Some of my past projects

Bottles Against COVID-19

Building a contactless bottle drive framework

Guided Research Project – Muons

End of year 2018 grade 12 physics ISP

Long ISP: 8-Bit Computer

Building an 8-bit breadboard computer

DC Fan Project

Implementing PWM fan control in AVR assembly with ADC input and USART readout

Medium ISP: Photophone

Sending analog audio data through LEDs

Challenge 2. Rotary Encoder: Gray Code

Converting gray code from a rotary encoder to decimal using AVR assembly

Challenge 1. Rotary Switch Monitor

Using an ATtiny85 and a rotary encoder to change the colour of a bicolour LED (with AVR assembly)

Short ISP: Relay Logic Adder

Making a full-adder using strictly relay logic gates

Medium ISP: Word Clock and Weather Predictor

Building and designing a word clock with a remote temperature and pressure sensor

BiColour LED Matrix

Multiplexing a bicolour LED matrix with an ATtiny84

Wireless Communication: Temperature Data Logging

Remote temperature sensing with I2C and an NRF24L01

Short ISP: Nixie Tube Clock

Building a custom nixie tube clock

555 Project: Boost Converter

Making a rudimentary boost converter with a 555 timer IC

Challenge 1. Analog Sensor

Distance measurement with LCD readout using an analog IR sensor

ISP: Digital Logic Gates

Physical representation of logic gates as a teaching aid

NAND Gate Oscillator

Building an RC timer circuit with a NAND gate IC

Automatic Night Light

Building a light sensing automatic nightlight